Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Five photos of real life in Vietnam

In 2009 we spent part of our honeymoon in the amazing country of Vietnam. We took hundreds of photos, here are just 5 of our favourites, showing real day to day life in Vietnam, some of which didn't make it into our blog posts on this lovely country. 

"Scooter" city, also known as Hanoi

Banana seller in downtown Hanoi

Alternative use for a Bic biro in Hoi An

Hello, buy something?

Town(lake) life on Halong Bay

Vietnam is a fantastic destination, the history, the people, the delicious food and the stunning scenary all combine to guarantee an experience you'll never forget.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ten fabulous views from Chile

Footprint Chile, describes Chile as having "an almost comical geograhical shape and virtually every climate imaginable, this beautiful, memorable corner of the world is a place of extremes and contradictions. Few countries have quite such a split geographical personality. Here, you can often glimpse the snows of the high Andes from the Pacific Ocean, ski in the mountains in the morning and be drinking pisco sours on the beach come sundown".

Los Andes

Lake Caburga
Isla Negra

Villarrica lake & volcano

Santiago de Chile


Embalse El Yeso

La Serena beach

Matetic vineyard, Rosario Valley

The port at Valparaiso

Footprint Chile, goes onto say that "to the south, the country is hemmed in by thick termperate rainforest, fast flowing rivers, icefields and glaciers, while to the north is the memorable Atacama Desert, with its endless space and pristine skies, and where some places have not seen a raindrop for centuries". After just two trips to Chile, with a lot more to see, I can say that what you will find waiting for you is a beautiful, diverse country, delicious food and wine and a wonderful experience which will leave you wanting to return. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five favourite photos from Spain

We've enjoyed many great trips to Spain and it's so hard to decide on our favourite places. That said, here are five of them. Whilst you may know some of the cities, hopefully you don't know them all.

Parque de Retiro, Madrid
The Retiro Park, in Madrid's Jeronimos district, takes its name from Felipe IV's royal palace complex which once stood there. Today all that is left of the palace is the Cason del Buen Retiro and the Salon de Reinos. These days the park is a destination for city dwellers, to enjoy the beautiful open space of the park, you'll see cyclists, runners, roller bladers, walkers and many people simply relaxing & talking with friends and family members. On a sunny day, the Retiro is a fantastic place to visit and watch the citizens of this wonderful city.

Parque de Retiro

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca
This 18th century square in Salamanca, is one of Spain's largest and grandest. On the east side of the square you'll find the Royal Pavillion, decorated with a bust of Felipe V, who built the square. Compared to its namesake in Madrid, it seemed to us more relaxed, less full of visiting tourists and the prefect place to relax with a Cerveza.

Plaza Mayor

Las Negras, Cabo de Gata, Andalucia
To many people, beach holidays in Spain are associated with the Costa del Sol, or one of the islands. Las Negras is a small costal resort, situated in the beautiful nature park of Cabo de Gata. It is an Andalucian gem, this is real Spain. For a nice change from areas such as the Costa del Sol, you won't hear to many English, Dutch or German accents. Enjoy!

Las Negras

The Albaicin, Granada
Perhaps, the main reason for visiting the enchanting city of Granada is obviously the Alhambra. Without doubt, it is a very special place, but if you visit Granada, don't miss the opportunity to wander round the streets of the Albaicin. This neighbourhood, on the hillside opposite the Alhambra, is perhap where you can get closest to the city's Moorish ancestry. Along the cobbled streets stand carmenes, villas, with Moorish decorations and gardens, hidden from the passing eye by high walls. Added to this there are plenty of interesting shops & bars where you can stop to get some much needed refreshment.

The City of Segovia
Just a short trainride on a fast train from Madrid, Segovia is a perfect place to visit if you are staying in the Spanish capital. The city is spectacular, set high on a rocky spur surrounded by the Rio Eresma and the Rio Clamores. The Roman aqueduct, the city's cathedral and the Alczar are just three of the attractions of this compact city. 

Segovia's Aqueduct
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