Friday, March 30, 2012

Home via Strasbourg, France

Having packed up following Alpe d'HuZes we started the homeward journey, only around a 10 hour drive however for both of us that is too much so we stopped of enroute in Strasbourg. We stayed for just one night at the Villa Novarina, whilst it is slightly outside the city centre the comfort and surroundings more than make up for that ( That evening following a recommendation from the hotel we had dinner at Le Pont Des Vosges ( restaurant, it was fabulous, delicious food in lovely traditional surroundings.

Strasbourg is yet another beautiful city, thanks to the sheer density of its heritage sites, the entire centre of the town has even listed as UNESCO World Heritage. In a city influenced by both French and German culture, cooking is part of the city's vibrant culture. Strasbourg is renowned for its hundreds of restaurants and brasseries offering the latest culinary trends and dishes from all around the world as well as traditional Alsatian specialities such as sauerkraut, baeckoffe, flambĂ© tart and foie gras. 

As we walked into the city, by chance we came across this wonderful art market, for art lovers it would be a delight and you could easily spend the morning wandering around it.

Inspired by Wallace and Grommit??

As with Amsterdam this is a great city to walk around, not too big and easy not to get lost, you can also take a boat trip as we did, admittedly we both almost fell asleep but that was because it was a beautiful day and very warm on board.

Strasbourg city centre is lovely, it's like stepping onto a film set, for us it was a very pleasant surprise and yet another great destination for a city break or somewhere to visit whilst on holiday in France or indeed Germany as its slap bang on the border of both. Check out the following site for all you need to know about this special city Finally a few more photos...

Dutch beer travels far and wide