Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pucon (2), more from the Chilean lake district

If you've read our first post on Pucon you'll know that we spent a day climbing the Villarrica volcano which was quite a hike, so the next day we had a very lazy time, to rest our tired legs. We took a taxi to Villarrica town and spent a relaxed morning there, before heading back to Pucon for an even more relaxed afternoon.

View from Villarrica Costanera

Relaxed afternoon
The following morning we were ready to see some more of the region and joined a short 3 hour tour which took in some of the local waterfalls and Lago Caburga. Joining another couple from our hotel and our guide we left to see some more of the beautiful countryside. As we left the town and climbed higher we saw a slightly different side of the region, still surrounded by mountains yet in some ways less rugged and looking more manicured and looking like parts of Switzerland. The waterfalls that we visisted were all on private land so before visiting them we first had to stop to check that someone was at home so that our guide could pay the entrance fee. First on our list was Salto de la China.

Salto de la China
Next we headed to Salto del Leon, at 92 metres this was by far the most impressive of the two and you are able to get far closer to the waterfall itself. Be sure and wear some hiking shoes and a waterproof jacket as obviously you're going to get wet, so ladies, no high heeled shoes please.

First glimpse of Salto del Leon

From there we drove onto see the Ojos del Caburga, beautiful pools fed from underground. To be honest after the first two waterfalls this was slightly disappointing as it seems to have quite a reputation, that aside it was still very impressive.

Our final destination was Lago Caburga, a very beautiful lake about 25 km northeast of Pucon. It is unusual for its beautiful white sand beach, other beaches in the area have black volcanic sand.

Lago Caburga

The following morning we flew back to Santiago after 5 great days in Pucon. This is a very special area, so much to do and see, whether you like the adventure of the mountains or prefer a relaxing walk by the lakesides, Pucon and the surrounding countryside is a must to visit.