Thursday, November 15, 2012

Five Favourite City Breaks (1)

What better way to escape from the routine of working life or what ever you need a break from than a City Break. So what are the ingredients of a great City Break destination? Well, for us;

  • Limited time travelling, if a flight is required, then less that 2,5 hours in the air
  • Limited transfer from airport to your destination, so try and avoid unpleasant Ryanair flights to airports which are a surprisingly long trainride from where you ultimately need to be
  • A city which is easy to get around, either by train, metro or on foot
  • Sun is obviously a plus, so Spain tends to tick this box at the right time of year
  • Cities where you can simply enjoy the time wandering around taking in the sights and sounds of the cities
  • Some great art galleries or museums which act as an escape form the elements, if you can't be guaranteed some sun
  • Finally, some great places to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of the nightlife
Below you'll find some of our favourite city break destinations, listed in no particular order of preference.

Amsterdam ticks most of the points listed above, except perhaps the one about sun, although lets be honest, where does these days?? The city's canals and waterways embody the spirit of Amsterdam, you'll have a great time walking around this city enjoying the architecture of the waterside mansions and houses or simply relaxing at a canalside cafe. If it rains, just head for one of the well known art galleries....

Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, Berlin has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. This is truly a city which has something for everyone, whether you simply want to shop till you drop or experience the amazing bravery of those who tried to escape across the Berlin Wall, through a visit to the Checkpoint Charlie museum. The city is littered with iconic landmarks that visitors from all over the world, flock to see.

Barcelona is another wonderful destination that will keep you busy from breakfast through to the early hours. Transformed following the success of the Olympic games in 1992, it has to be on a par with the greatest European cities. From the amazing architecture of Gaudi, world class football, great shopping, and delicious food through to relaxing on the beach, Barcelona really does tick all the right boxes.

Spain's capital, Madrid, a city of well over 3 million inhabitants is situated close to the geographical centre of the country. Madrid's attractions include three internationally famous art galleries, a royal palace, grand public sqaures as well as many museums filled with the treasures of Spain's rich history. If you love football, its also the home of one of the most famous clubs in the world, Real Madrid.

Finally, but by no means least, the stunning city of Vienna. Austria's capital city is beautiful and easy to find your way around, equipped with a tourist map. Forget the weather and visit Vienna in December, the sights, sounds & smells from the Christmas market make the whole experience even more memorable.

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