Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frigiliana, one of Andalucia's most beautiful white villages

During our recent holiday in Nerja, we spent a lovely morning wandering round the lovely streets of this beautiful white Andalucian village. Frigiliana is situated about 5 miles inland and is clearly signposted from Nerja and the motorway.

The village itself is a labyrinthe of winding narrow whitewashed streets with lovely Andalucian houses. Around the village you'll see a series of tiled wall displays telling the story of the village during the Moorish occupation and the Reconquista (the expulsion of the Moors from Spain).

The village is a big tourist attraction in the area and can get pretty busy, especially we found in the evening. As you get closer to the village you'll see parking on the left of the road, there is a small public carpark in the centre of the village which gets very busy so don't rely on getting a place there. Grab one early if you can. The above photo shows what you'll see when you arrive by car in the centre of the village, the old centre is located left of the large building middle right which is a market for local artists products.

You can't really get lost in Frigiliana, just wander to your hearts content and if you like taking photos, you'll love it here. Be warned it can get very hot, so be prepared.

There are lots of great shops to stop and browse in whilst you wind your way round the village. If you are looking for somewhere to recharge your batteries, cool down and have something to eat, try La Esquina. We had a wonderful lunch at this tapas restaurant run surprisingly by a French couple, delicious food and friendly service and yes, they speak great English if your French or Spanish isn't up to scratch.

View from La Esquina's terrace

Looks good and tastes delicious

Hopefully you'll have seen that Frigiliana is a wonderful place to spend some time relaxing and enjoying a flavour of Andalucian life. Yes, it is a popular tourist attraction however it still retains a feeling of authenticity.

Cooling down in the shade