Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Climbing Djouce, County Wicklow, Ireland

During a recent trip back to Ireland, we spent a lovely afternoon climbing or perhaps I should say walking up Djouce one of the mountains found in Wicklow. The county of Wicklow is blessed with some of Ireland's most beautiful landscapes from coastal beaches to cliffs and mountains and is one of Ireland's most popular walking destinations.

The Wicklow Way is part of a network of long-distance self-guided walking trails which run throughout Ireland. It combines easy accessibility with a wide variety if scenic experiences, some of them in truly remote upland areas. They include mountains, upland lakes, steep-sided glacial valleys, mountain streams, forests and farmlands. The Wicklow Way route is now the most westerly section of the E8 footpath which extends across much of Europe. You can find more information on

With just a Saturday afternoon to spare, the Wicklow Way wasn't on the menu for this trip, perhaps another one with a lot more time on our hands. Instead our plan was to walk to the top of Djouce and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views from the top. At a height of 725 metres the walk to the top is not too challenging and far from steep so its very accessible to all. What follows are some photos from a lovely afternoon in the Wicklow countryside.

In order to protect the landscape, the trail is laid out using old railway sleepers which also make the going a lot easier for those trekking in either direction as you'll see below. 

I'll leave it to some more photos from closer to the top of Djouce to tell the rest of the tale, as seeing is believing just how beautiful the Wicklow countryside is even on a cloudy day.

If you're planning a short break in Ireland, most likely Dublin will be your destination. If thats the case, take a couple of extra days to explore Wicklow, the garden of Ireland.

Hopefully you enjoyed this short post on climbing Djouce, another of our favourite places in Wicklow is the Powerscourt Estate and Gardens, for more info click on the following link Powerscourt