Saturday, December 21, 2013

Prague, the lost photos

We are preparing for a move next month to England and whilst clearing out one drawer full of assorted bits and pieces we came across a memory card. Much to our delight it contained some of our photos from one of our first trips together, to Prague in December 2006. As one of our cameras was stolen during a break in, these are the some of the only photos we have left from this trip.

This should really have been one of our first blogposts however now that the memory card has been recovered it becomes one of our last of 2013, so rather than talking too much I'll let the photos hopefully show you what a beautiful city Prague is. A great starting point to explore the city is Prague Castle, from where you can enjoy some wonderful views of the city. Its quite a steep walk from downtown but well worth it as you can easily spend a day exploring all that there is too see.

Much of the history of the city's Jewish Quarter is preserved in the synagogues around the Old Jewish Cemetery. 

The Old Town Square in the centre of Prague is surrounded by baroque buildings, vibrant cafes, street entertainers and artisans selling their wares. If you visit during December you'll also be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the Christmas market.

So after a gap of close to 7 years and some missing photos, this post is a little incomplete but hopefuly you can see from some of the photos we still have that Prague is an amazing place to visit.